Monday, August 21, 2006

Discovering needs through a new church start

Trinity Baptist Church (a new church start in western Murfreesboro)held its first major community outreach event yesterday. Sponsored by First Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, and the Tennessee Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the event--called the Family and Neighbors Festival--offered activities for children, bar-b-q, fellowship, and door prizes. In addition to about 35 people from the launch team (and their children), there were about 40 guests who dropped by. We considered the event a success.

Not only was it successful in numbers, but the event helped us to discover some needs in the area. In addition to married couples and their children, there were several single parents there. Many are searching for a caring and supportive community for themselves and their children.

This was a positive step in identifying with the community and discovering new ways to work in that community.

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Tammy Abee Blom said...

I enjoy the positive energy and enthusiasm coming from the newly formed Trinity Church.

Plus I am testing to see if I can post to this blog.