Tuesday, December 02, 2014

For Such a Time as This

Today is the launch day for my first book from Pinnacle Leadership Press—For Such a Time as This:  Aligning Church and Leadership for Missional Ministry.  This is a very personal account that reflects my own journey to understand that the church does not have a mission but the missionary God has a church.
Let me tell you first what this book is NOT:

  • ·         It does not pretend to be a “magic bullet” that will transform your congregation overnight.
  • ·         It does not suggest that your church throw out everything it is doing and start over.
  • ·         It does not blame your staff for your church’s problems; likewise, it does not accuse lay leaders of dropping the ball.
  • ·         It does not aspire to be the definitive book on missional church
.So, what is For Such a Time as This?

  • ·         It affirms that God calls the church to be on mission.
  • ·         It reminds each church that God has given it a unique ministry and calling in its particular place.
  • ·         It is an attempt to make this concept accessible to the person in the pew.
  • ·         It challenges each church to start where it is rather than where it wishes that it were on the missional journey.
  • ·         It aspires to be a catalyst for discussion, prayer, and action by staff teams, lay leadership, and others who want the church to be what God intends for it to be.  

This book is written by someone who loves the church, has given much of his life in its service, but realizes that God has more in store for us as part of the body of Christ.  I hope this book will stimulate your thinking and move you to action.

The book is available from Amazon as a paperback or as an Kindle e-book.

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