Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Designing Actions, Part Two

“Captain, there are always options.”—Mr. Spock, Star Trek:  The Original Series

Once we have chosen a goal, we need to consider how to get there.  There are usually many possible routes that will take us to our goal.   Even your GPS provides choices.  Once we have considered all of the options open to us, we can select one to act on.  There are several ways to assess an option for the best fit.

Faith:  Consider the option from the standpoint of faith.  Is the option congruent with the person’s spiritual journey?  Does it line up with what God has done so far in the person’s life?

Feeling:  The person might consider the option from an intuitive or feeling perspective.  Does it feel right?  Does it produce a sense of motivation or energy?

Logic:  The person evaluates the soundness of the thinking behind the option.  Does it make sense?  Does the person have enough information to pursue this option? 

Challenges and Obstacles:  Each option has its own potential stumbling blocks.  Since the person knows himself or herself well, what obstacles might occur that will have to be overcome?

Viability:  A good option must be workable given who the person is and what the person does.  How much room does the person have in life to pursue this option?  What will they have to change in the normal flow of life to make this happen?

There are many options out there, but choosing the best takes time and reflection.

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