Sunday, January 31, 2016

Accepting Help

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”—Galatians 6:2, NIV

I have made many mistakes over the years, but I finally came to realize one that I could correct.  For too many years, I depended on my own ability to handle things.   Sometimes the thing I was dealing with was professional and at other times it was personal.  I felt that if I just exerted enough time and energy, I could make it happen.

Fortunately I discovered two things: first, I had limitations; second, other people were willing to help me.  Both of these discoveries required humility.  I had to learn that I could not do everything and also to learn how to ask for help.

Think for a minute about those who are available to help you.

First, there are fellow team members who can be of assistance.  Others have abilities and gifts that can complement your own.  Where you are not particularly talented, another person may be very gifted (and vice-versa). I have been fortunate to work with some particularly talented women and men whose gifts made us successful as a team.  We were better together than apart.

Second, there are professionals who can help you.  Whether this person is a counselor, a coach, a consultant, or one with special expertise, he or she can come alongside and walk with you through a particularly difficult time.  When I was willing to reach out to a counselor during a time of stress in my own life, I discovered the value of working with someone who was trained in helping process such concerns.

Third, there are people who are ready to learn from you and take over part of the burden you carry.  Pastor Andy Stanley commented, “Every church leader should be training someone to take their place.”   I rarely accept any responsibility these days without finding a partner or colleague to help with the task. This assures a richer, more enjoyable, and productive experience.

Jesus called us into community because he knew that we are stronger together than we are separately.   It just takes longer for some of us to realize this.

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