Friday, August 04, 2017

Abdicating Your Role as a Leader

Several years ago, I facilitated a one-day church staff retreat.  Both ministerial and administrative staff were involved.  One administrative assistant stayed to help pack up at the end of the day.  As we talked, she said, “You know this was really good.  We never have staff meetings and this is the most time we have spent together as a staff.”

I did not respond openly, but I was both thankful and surprised.  I was thankful that someone on the staff had taken the initiative to advocate for the retreat.  However, I was surprised that any staff team could function without having regular times for planning, encouragement, and development.

When the team leader is not intentional about staff planning and development, it is unlikely to happen.  An effective team leader realizes that when his or her colleagues are functioning effectively and making the best use of their gifts and abilities, not only the team will prosper, but the organization as well.

Pastors are not usually trained to be team leaders.  This subject is rarely addressed in theological education.  Those pastors who are effective team leaders have learned their skills from being part of a good staff as a team member, acquired them in the marketplace, or found resources to help them develop the skills.

This fall, I will be leading three webinars for Pinnacle Leadership Associates on team leadership.  This an opportunity for any team leader to sharpen their skills.

On August 30, we will consider “How to Coach Your Staff/Group/Team/Committee.” Whether you lead a work team, church staff, planning group, or committee, you can apply coaching principles to build an effective, productive group.  We will consider the basic skills of being a coaching leader.

On September 27, the topic is “Are We All on the Same Page? --Developing an Effective Staff Covenant.”  How can you improve the way that your staff works together and presents itself to others?  Participants will learn how to strengthen a staff team by clarifying and articulating common commitments and goals through the development of a staff covenant.

Finally, on October 25, we will look at “Learning to Show Appreciation to your Staff/Team Members”
Everyone likes to be appreciated, but people accept affirmation in different ways.  What are the most effective ways to offer appreciation to staff or team members in your setting?

All webinars are one hour and scheduled for 10 am CT/11 am ET.  Each webinar is $20 or you can register for all three for $50. Register here.  

Please contact me if you have questions.

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