Thursday, July 05, 2018

Networking for Church Health

One of the realities of church life in the 21st century is networking that is not tied to or limited by a particular denominational affiliation.  As churches identify and pursue their unique callings as part of the mission of God, they discover partners who can help them along the journey.  These may be missional partners, advocacy partnerships, or developmental networks.

Pinnacle Leadership Associates has developed such a network to facilitate congregational and leadership development.  The network is currently made up of over 30 partners--church and judicatories--from seven denominational families.

Becoming a partner allows access to all Pinnacle webinars, plus these services:

  • Four one-hour Coaching/Consulting Sessions - In person, by phone, or video conference;
  • 20% discount on all Pinnacle Services;
  • Participation in any Pinnacle Webinar or Teleconference at no cost;
  • Participation in Monthly Network Video Conference – A Pinnacle Associate hosts, presenting relevant content plus facilitating discussion among participants (First Wednesday Each Month, 1PM Eastern Time);
  • Priority scheduling for Events;
  • Listed as a Pinnacle Network Partner on the Pinnacle website.

The cost for one year’s membership is $500. Membership begins at time of registration and runs for one year.  

See the Pinnacle website for more information or contact Mark Tidsworth at 803-673-3634 or

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