Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Experiential worship at its best

Trinity, our new church start in Murfreesboro, had its fourth Community Gathering on Sunday afternoon. Joel Emerson, associate pastor at Brook Hollow Baptist Church, and his wife, Ann Bassett, pastor of Peace Lutheran Church in Spring Hill, led our worship. The worship experience on "grace" included hymns, readers theater (with the children involved), readings, multimedia, a sermon,and communion (with Ann as the officiant). Not sure that I can handle all this stimulation in worship!

Joel's approach is probably a good example of what Robert Webber calls "ancient-future worship." This means that everything is on the table; we can draw from the entire Christian experience in planning worship.

This is an advantage of a new church--we can try new things. What have you tried in worship recently that was "out of the ordinary"?

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