Sunday, June 25, 2006

What are you reading?

What are you reading? I just started PRACTICING GREATNESS by Reggie McNeal and purchased PLANTING MISSIONAL CHURCHES by Ed Stetzer.


Bill Shiell said...

I'm working through two of Ehrman's latest books. Both relate to the DaVinci debate, especially early Christian thought. "Lost Scriptures" is a collection of primary Christian sources from the first four centuries A.D. "Lost Christianities" is Ehrman's analysis of those texts. He argues that there was a widespread battle for the soul and content of Christianity. I think he presses the evidence too much and overreaches, but the books are worth reading.

Ircel said...

The thing I find interesting about Ehrman is that he grew up a conserevative evangelical (BA from Wheaton) and when he found out about biblical criticism and other extant texts, he just chucked the whole thing rather than finding a synthesis. He has also been involved with National Geographic's exploitation of the GOSPEL OF JUDAS.

Dr. Danny Chisholm said...

I finished "Blue Like Jazz" a few weeks ago and it gave an outsiders/insiders view of Christianity. I finished teh whole thing in a few days over a mission trip we took to Bay St. Louis. The author talks about leaving our churchisms and church language and finding ways to communicate with our culture.

See what you can do about getting a website for our blogs. It would be a good way for us to network and be able to go to one source and be connected to others. Maybe Bill would have some ideas.

I read the Davinci Code recently and am doing a class on it, using CBF material, Lee Strobel info, and my own input. We've had a good response.

I didn't know if that counted for "what are you reading?" I don't think my faith was shattered.

Kerry's Blog said...

I been Training with S. Kierkegaard lately. Trying to keep up with his thoughts is a workout. But his comments on the Triumphant Church and the Militant Church, I think, is relevant to today's controversy over the church's place in our society.

Ircel said...

What is it about Kierkegaard that speaks to our postmodern situation? Is our situation similar to the one he found himself in?

Joe Livesay said...

I also read Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller a few months ago and really enjoyed it. I am now reading his follow up book, "Searching For God Knows What". I like it better and it is a great book for a small group study. I am also reading "Treasure in Clay Jars: Paterns in Missional Faithfulness." It is a study of 8 completly different churches taking 8 completely different approaches to find their distinctive missional calling as a congretaion.