Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Great Convergence

The Great Convergence happens on Easter Sunday in churches across the land. There is a great coming together of various cohorts—those that usually only come the first and third Sundays; those who come the second and fourth Sundays; those who come to make Mom happy; those who just know this is the place to be; and those who are just curious. This convergence—the perfect storm, if you will--results in record high attendance in morning worship services in most churches.

Blessed is the pastor who overcame the impulse this morning to wish everyone “Happy Fourth of July!” because he or she knows that some will not be back until Christmas or next Easter. Blessed are those who gave up their favorite seat because an infrequent attendee or visitor got there first. Blessed are those who worked in the nursery to take care of all the unfamiliar children and babies; they entertained angels unaware. Blessed are those who parked further away from the sanctuary because someone else got their parking place. Blessed are those who went the extra mile to prepare a worship service befitting the occasion.

Thanks be to God for everyone who joined in worship on this Resurrection Sunday!

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