Monday, April 05, 2010

"Never Too Old to Learn!"

“Never too old to learn!” I would love to have someone say that about me when I depart this earthly home. I attended the memorial service today for my friend Frances McGlocklin. Frances was 94 when she succumbed to cancer. She retired at age 70 and spent the ensuing years traveling, gardening, and learning. She learned how to quilt. She also became rather proficient in the use of the Internet. Although learning how to function in the digital realm frustrated her at times, she was not deterred.

Frances kept up with the times. Not everyone does. That is certainly their choice. I think it is unfortunate, however, when we have new tools at our disposal but do not take advantage of them. We can curse the Internet or attempt to tame it for our own use. Technology is neither good nor bad; its value depends on how we use it.

The church is missing a great opportunity when it does not attempt to understand and function in the digital realm. On April 11-12, Central Baptist Theological Seminary will sponsor “The Church in a Virtual Age: A Conference on Technology and Ministry” at Second Baptist Church in Liberty, Missouri. The featured speaker is Ryan Bolger, associate pastor of church in contemporary culture at Fuller Theological Seminary. Bolger will present three sessions on the relationship of churches and technology. Nine workshops will also be offered to provide practical applications in the ministry of the local church.

We should be no more afraid of digital technology than of the mimeograph machine (remember those?). The mimeograph was much harder to master and certainly much messier than the Internet!

Please take advantage of this opportunity to keep learning and growing in ministry effectiveness.

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