Saturday, June 04, 2011

Playing Well Together

One of the things we were supposed to learn in kindergarten was how to play well together.  This meant learning how to share, not throwing tantrums, and talking in a kind voice even when we were upset.  Of course, most of us don’t learn these lessons until our hair either starts turning gray or turning loose.

The abilities to discuss things honestly, maintain our composure, and respect others are important in any setting but especially in a leadership team.  Whether the team is in a church, a parachurch ministry, a not-for-profit, or a business, there are certain skills we can learn to not only work effectively together but help each other grow personally and professionally.

At the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship General Assembly in Tampa this month, Molly Marshall, Anita Flowers, and I will be leading a conference on “Essentials for Developing an Effective Leadership Team.”  Without giving too much away, we will talk about some of the barriers to healthy team development and then look at ways to develop the team’s relational and spiritual vitality for healthy functioning.  We will try to be as practical as possible in addressing the topic.

We already have several participants signed up, but I hope you will consider being part of this four-session conference on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  You can register on the CBF website.

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