Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We recycle at our house.  We are not fanatics about it, but we do collect the plastic, cardboard, cans, glass, magazines and newspapers after they are used and take them to a place where they can be repurposed. 

I don’t think about this much, but I became very aware of it when I had to find a new place to take all of our recyclables today.  The old location was not properly used, so the store told the county they would have to pull the collection containers.  We had been gathering things for a couple of weeks, so it was time to dispose of it.  So I filled up my car and made my way to one of the county “convenience centers” to dispose of my “stuff.”

As I began to unload, I was impressed once again at how much packaging material we had accumulated from groceries, mail deliveries, and clothing among other things.  Practically every thing we purchase comes in paper, cardboard, and plastic and it would occupy a great deal of space in the county landfill over the course of a year.  All of this is not the leftovers of our consumables, but just the packaging!  This did cause me to stop and consider, “How much of this is really needed?”

I don’t write this to appear righteous, though I did hear someone else who was depositing their items today talk about “saving the planet.”  This is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to making a difference in our environment.   I realize that we have to do a lot more than recycle to be good stewards of God’s creation but perhaps it a small step.  Many more are needed.

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