Thursday, September 08, 2011

Throw the Rascals Out!

The political races of 2012 are well underway with politicians and interest groups at every level jockeying for position.  As they dream their dreams of victory and hone their strategies, do they realize the disillusionment and anger at the grassroots level?  I am not talking about the members of the Tea Party, but the ordinary voters who are fed up with both the Congress and the President.  While people are struggling to pay their bills and keep their homes, our elected representatives in the state capitals and in Washington seem to be living on another planet.

Please understand that I will vote for President Obama again.  His leadership has not been perfect, but he took office at one of the most difficult times in our history and the expectations of his supporters were unrealistic at best.  The challenges he inherited were overwhelming.  He has often spent too much time on analysis and appeasement, but his administration has made some wise decisions about the economy and foreign affairs that deserve praise. 

Legislative bodies on the both the state and national levels have wasted their time on trivial pursuits like outlawing Sharia law, making it more difficult for our teachers to do their jogs,  and passing laws that penalize illegal workers who are being hired by our local business people because they want and need their labor.  Both the Congress and the President have made sure that they take their vacations while thousands of Americans are losing their homes, being “downsized” and struggling to pay their bills.  This is not a time for “business as usual.”

The greatest advantage for many candidates in 2012 will be that they are not incumbents!  Their qualifications may not be any better than those in office now but the fact that they are not presently in office may well assure their victories.  It’s time to wake up!

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