Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Consistent Pro-Life Ethic

Consistency is not expected and rarely honored in politics, but I have to admire the ethical consistency of Mike Flood, the Republican speaker of the Nebraska legislature.  Flood has been criticized by his fellow Republican, Governor Dave Heineman, for supporting a plan to offer state medical assistance to pregnant women who are in the United States illegally.

Gov. Heineman, a strong opponent of abortion, says this action is tantamount to supporting illegal immigration.  Flood counters that “you have a baby’s life and health in the balance.” He thinks this is important.  Of course, Heineman understands this, but he believes that churches and private charities rather than the state should take care of pregnant women who have entered the country illegally.  He cares but not too much!

But I digress.  I want to honor Mike Flood and his supporters in the legislature for understanding two things:  first, if you are against abortion, you should be in favor of caring for the mothers and babies who cannot afford their medical care; second, when people are in need and at your front door, you care for them and don’t send them on their way with a “be warmed and filled.”

If women choose to carry their children to term, they should receive medical care whether they can afford it or not.  Those who support life in utero should support life after birth.  Children should not suffer for their parents’ actions.  This is part of a pro-life ethic and what one should expect in an enlightened society. 

And then there is capital punishment, but I won’t go there . . .

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