Saturday, September 28, 2013

Blogging as a Discipline

Like you, I sometimes don’t know when to say “No.”  As a result my calendar for September has been pretty packed.  All of the scheduled activities have been good things, but they have required a lot of my time and attention. The thing that has suffered most is my regular posting of blogs.

There some things that can be done in small blocks of time that become available in one’s daily schedule.  For me, blogging is not one of those.  Whether it appears so or not, blogging is a creative exercise for me and I like the time I spend writing to be as open-ended and unstructured as possible.  I have lacked some of those big blocks of time recently, so my blogging this month has been erratic.

I have learned several things from this “dry spell.”

First, I not only enjoy writing but it is almost a spiritual discipline like contemplative prayer.  To practice both one must be intentional, open, and unhurried.  Both provide a sense of refreshment and being centered.

Second, if I don’t blog about an idea immediately, it becomes stale. Certainly, I make notes about ideas or situations that intrigue me, but if I don’t reflect on those things and write about them within a day, they have lost their spontaneity and freshness.

Third, although others are kind enough to both read my blogs and pass them on to others, I write primarily for myself and not for a particular constituency. This is a way for me to process ideas and opportunities.  Writing is a mental exercise that keeps me reflecting, critiquing and playing with words and ideas.

I hope to get back on track during the next couple of weeks.  I need the discipline.

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