Saturday, August 22, 2015

Now You Know

We live insular lives.  There are major catastrophes all over the world that impact thousands, threatening life and health, and most of us know nothing about them.  In an online peer group this week a Doctor of Ministry student at Central Baptist Theological Seminary shared about the flooding crisis in Myanmar.

Massive floods and strong winds in Myanmar (formerly Burma) have killed 99 and impacted over a million people across 12 of the country's 14 regions, according to the August 10 situation report by the government of Myanmar. More than 200,000 households have been displaced, 15,000 homes have been "totally destroyed" and 1,290,000 acres of farm land have been ruined.

In this student’s home province, hundreds of homes have been destroyed and over 7000 people are homeless.  He has applied for a visa to travel there to assess human needs for food, safety, and shelter and report back to International Ministries of American Baptist Churches, USA. He will probably have to walk over 100 miles to get there since the roads have been destroyed. 

Emergency relief funding is being sent to an American Baptist International Ministries (IM) partner, the Myanmar Baptist Convention, to help with the relief efforts.  Donations are welcomed.

Who knew?  I do now and so do you. Want to help?

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