Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Coaching Pastors

This was a good day.  Today I had the opportunity to coach three pastors in individual sessions. Because coaching conversations are confidential, my comments about these pastors will be very general.  They are in three different states and each brings a unique leadership style to the congregation served.

What each of these pastors has in common is a desire to be an effective pastoral leader  for those served.  Each church has particular challenges and opportunities, but in each situation the pastor is bringing creativity and commitment to the task.

If they were not proactive leaders, they would not be involved in coaching.  They are highly motivated, not just for their own personal growth, but to build up the Body of Christ where each serves.

This the way that coaching should be--voluntarily entered into by a person who recognizes that he or she is on a journey and wants someone to walk alongside them.

Thanks for the opportunity to share that journey with you.  You bless my life.

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