Thursday, December 15, 2016


QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
“I’d been meaning to talk to him,” said New York Jets’ coach Todd Bowles to reporters as he benched quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Oh, he had forgotten to tell Fitzpatrick in advance.

How often does this happen in your life?  You make a decision that impacts others and act on it, but the other person is the last to know.  Why are we reluctant to tell others what we have decided?

First, there is a fear of rejection or even anger.  We don’t like to receive those emotions from another person.  In most situations, it would be better to face this earlier rather than later.  Handle the feelings upfront and try to salvage the relationship.

Second, perhaps we are uncertain if the decision is the right one.  Clarity is a great thing and can keep a person on the right track.  If you have reservations, deal with them before you make the decision and then move on.

Third, the most damning possibility is that we just don’t think enough of the person to consider how it might affect him or her.  There is little or no value in the relationship.  What if the shoe were on the other foot?  Would you like to be regarded in this way?

Communication may not always be easy but it is essential when it comes to relationships.  God has created us in community with others.  It is a gift we should not take lightly.

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