Monday, December 20, 2010

A Milestone

This posting is something of a milestone for Barnabas File.  This is my 400th post!  For a number of years, I used the title "Barnabas File" on articles I wrote for the newsletters of various organizations I served.  The title, of course, honors one of the "nobodies of the New Testament" (as one writer called him) whose love, integrity, encouragement, and innovation are characteristics that I would hope to reflect in my own life.  When I decided to launch a blog  in June 2006, it seemed appropriate to continue to use that title.

The subtitle I chose still seems to apply:  "Comments of a  progressive Baptist Christian about things that matter to him." I have written about everything from my personal response to the death of Titans quarterback Steve McNair to my commitment to women pursuing their calling in ministry.  Although this blog has served as something of a personal journal for me, I have tried to avoid making it a place for me to gripe.  Rather, I have tried to ask questions with which I am personally struggling.  My purpose has not been to pontificate but to investigate possibilities.

Although I have received inquiries about using this space for commercial purposes, my only concession has been linking books and resources to an online publisher.  When I review or comment on a book, I have read it and try to be honest about whether it is worth your time or not.  In fact, why would I take the time to write about something that is not worth your reading?

Your comments are appreciated.  I am often surprised to find out who is reading my "stuff."  Thanks for engaging in this conversation with me. My plans are to continue with the Barnabas File as long as ideas come to mind. I appreciate your fellowship on the journey.

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stevehixson said...

Always enjoy reading and thinking about your postings "Barnabus."