Monday, July 18, 2011

Accepting Change

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to supervise a very gifted colleague. From time to time, I would suggest a project that might move him into a new area of responsibility or competency.  After one such conversation, he commented:  “Look out.  I’m about to be stretched again.”

Although some people thrive on change, most of us would say that we would rather avoid it.  We like things they way they are—comfortable, predictable, easily comprehended.  The reality of life, though, is that very few things are settled once and for all.  Children grow up, economic situations vary, sickness comes and organizations evolve.  Even if we don’t care for change, it is often forced upon us.

We may resist change, but getting out of a rut and doing something different may be the best thing that can happen to us.  I recently was given an iPad.  I probably would not have purchased one, but I must admit that I had been fascinated by the device for some time.  Getting used to the iPad has caused me to learn a new interface, a different way of manipulating information, and some new digital resources.  Quite honestly, it is a lot of fun!

Change may be forced upon us, but perhaps we can learn to look at it as a gift that opens new challenges and opportunities. At first we may feel a sense of loss and disorientation, but we can embrace it and learn what it has to teach us.  Only the love of God lasts forever; everything else changes.

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Leonard Rader said...

I too recently purchased a tablet. (Toshiba Thrive)
I love mine.
Why should teenagers have all the fun?