Saturday, July 16, 2011

Celebrating A Milestone!

Today’s post is number 500!  When I began writing this blog in June 2006, I was not sure what I was getting into.  My purpose then and now is summarized in my tag line:  Comments from a progressive Baptist Christian on things that matter to him.”  Over the course of five years, I have done just that.  I have written about the church, culture and society, digital media, organizational development, spiritual formation, education, space exploration, family, friends, and books that I have read.  I have used this venue to say good-bye to mentors who have gone to be with the Lord.  As you can see, my approach has been pretty eclectic and probably a bit uneven.

I have tried to be positive in what I have written, although I have undoubtedly offended someone from time to time.  I suppose that happens when your blog is a way to process your thinking about different subjects that get your attention.  As the politicians say, “If I have said anything that has offended you, I apologize.”  My intent is to offer a perspective and usually to be encouraging as I do so (thus the title of the blog).

Thanks to Google, I have more statistical information about my blog than I ever knew I needed.  For example, since June 2006, Barnabas File has generated 11,943 page views and counting.  Readers have come from the United States and 9 foreign countries.  Interestingly, I have had only a few direct comments, but the blog is synched with Facebook and most responses have come there.  I am often surprised to see who is reading my “stuff.”

Google even lets me see my “top ten” blogs.  The most viewed blog was “The Importance of Dialogue” with 265 hits.  This may say something about what my readers perceive as the greatest need where they are.  Other topics covered in the ten were lifestyles, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, women in ministry, theological education, public education, church life, and young adults in the church.  I cannot claim to be an expert in any of these areas, but I certainly have an interest in all.

Thanks to friends at, my readership has been greatly extended and this has undoubtedly generated many visitors to the site.   Central Seminary has generously picked up my “stuff” from time to time for their Facebook page and I now contribute regularly to the seminary’s website.

I want to thank those who take the time to read my random thoughts.  As Seth Godin said in his blog today, Writers write. If you want to be a writer, write.  The discipline of sitting down at the computer and writing has been good for me.  I am not sure what my next blog post will be about, but I promise you one is coming.

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