Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This is Worth Checking Out!

Most of us in ministry leadership want to do a better job and are constantly seeking resources to help us, especially those that are based on sound theological reflection and actual practice.  If you are this type of leader, let me share something with you.

Under the leadership of executive director David Odom, Leadership Education at Duke Divinity designs educational services, develops intellectual resources, and facilitates networks of institutions including churches and denominational judicatories. Support for the program is provided by a major grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. and on-going funding from The Duke Endowment as well as other donors.

In addition to on-site conferences and consultation, Leadership Education at Duke Divinity produces a number of digital resources, including several e-newsletters.  I was recently introduced to another online resource, a Principles and Practices archive that provides information around the following topics:
  • Thriving Communities
  • Vibrant Institutions
  • Christ-Shaped Leadership
  • Traditioned Innovation
  • Transformative Leadership
  • Generative Organization
  • Sustainable Design

 Each section has a number of well-written articles on the topic (usually from a theological perspective), specific examples of where the best examples of the principle are being practiced, and resources such as books or multimedia for further study.  This is a creative, thoughtful, and challenging collection of materials.  The best thing is that it is free of charge!

You might want to go to the introductory page and take a look at the material available under a topic that is of particular interest to you.  I think you will be impressed as I was.

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