Thursday, May 11, 2017

When No One is Looking

We often find our trash container in the ditch after the pickup.  The truck has one of those arms that reaches out, embraces the container, dumps it in the truck, then sets it back down.  Usually, it just falls over into the ditch.  No big problem, but I observed something interesting this week.

The pickup was later than usual and I was leaving home earlier than usual.  As I drove toward the street, the driver of the truck was using the arm to nudge my trash container toward the ditch.  Then he stopped, backed up the truck, got out and put the container in an upright position at the street.

Picking up the trash container from the ditch is no big thing.  Many of our neighbors do the same thing. I am just wondering why the driver felt compelled to make an extra effort to put the container in a more convenient place.  Was this a new guy?  Was it because I was looking? 

My grandmother used to ask the question, “Who are you when no one is looking?”  In other words, are you consistent in your walk even when your actions are not being observed. Do you do your best even when no one is watching?

Perhaps this is not an ethical issue but a behavioral one; I just share it as an item for consideration.

Thanks, Mr. Driver, for the good customer service!

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