Monday, February 13, 2012

Celebrating a Legacy

Pictured above (L to R): TCBF Coordinators Ircel Harrison, Jr., September 1998-2008;  C. William Junker, January - April 1996; Lila Anderson Boyd, January 1997-August 1998; and Lloyd T. Householder, Jr. November 1994-1995. 
Lloyd T. Householder, Jr., passed away on January 30.   Lloyd was one of those people who made the old Southern Baptist Convention work.  He was a true “denominational statesman.”   In his service with the Baptist Sunday School Board, Lloyd found creative ways to tell stories and bring people together.  He invested much of his life in telling the good things that Baptists could do when they worked cooperatively.  His creativity and innovative spirit is exemplified in his role as chair of Mission 70, the conference for young adults that challenged a generation (including myself) to accept their role in impacting the world with the message of Christ.

Like many of us, Lloyd would not accept the changes that came to Baptists in the South during the “conservative resurgence” in the SBC.  He helped to form the Tennessee Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and became its first coordinator, serving as a volunteer in order to conserve funds for mission work.  When I became coordinator, I had the opportunity to have lunch with Lloyd from time to time, work with him on TCBF committees, and visit with him and Rose Marie.  He was friend to me and to TCBF.

Despite the fact that he was a leader in a dissenting group, Lloyd never had a negative spirit.  He was always an encourager to me and one who pointed TCBF toward the future.  He saw what was good and worthy, seeking to share those things with a larger audience.

Lloyd, Monty Jordan, and Bill Junker have all passed away in the last two years.  They all served as coordinators of the TCBF.  Each brought his own perspective to the role and provided insight and support for me as I assumed the position.  Along with my immediate predecessor, Lila Boyd, they believed that the Baptist way offered something important to the larger church.  I thank all four for their commitment and service. 

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