Thursday, February 16, 2012

Creating a Coaching Culture in the Church

About three years ago, my friend Mark Tidsworth invited me to consider a ministry of coaching and to join his new organization, Pinnacle Leadership Associates.  Three years have gone by quickly as I have practiced coaching, learned about coaching, and developed a network of coaching colleagues.  The most rewarding aspect of this journey has been walking alongside clients as they discover where they want to grow and to intentionally pursue that growth. 

As I have seen the benefits that a coaching relationship produces in the lives of clients, I have also thought about ways to incorporate this in the life of the church.  Now more than every before, the church needs the means to empower believers and take them to the next level in their Christian walk.  I have conducted peer coach training in my local church and taught one course for Central Baptist Theological Seminary on “The Ministry of Coaching.”  Conversations with friends and colleagues have generated many ideas about how coaching can be used in disciple-making, leadership development, staff development, and committee/team leadership in the church. 

Because of this experience and awareness, I am enthusiastic about Disciple Development Coaching©, a process to help incorporate a coaching culture into the life of the church.  DDC is Mark Tidsworth’s creation, but he has given me the opportunity to help bring the concept to reality.  There are six steps in the DDC process—Ask, Listen, Explore, Design, Commit, and Support.  DDC training provides both clergy and laity with the skills to practice this process of developing believers. 

The Foundational Course for Disciple Development Coaching© will be offered May 14-17, 2012, at Lutheridge Conference Center near Asheville, North Carolina.  This will be followed by a six month practicum and coaching on how to implement DDC in the participants’ ministry settings.  More information about DDC can be found here.

Every follower of Christ has been blessed with the potential to grow in Christ and to serve others.  Our purpose in offering DDC is to help each believer to become what God has called him or her to be.  Come join us on the journey!

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